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Maintenance keeps the high quality and ensures low operation cost of your air conditioner.

Here at The Accurate Comfort Air Conditioning Air Conditioning, we provide maintenance packages for residential units and performs a tailor-made program for commercial units.We also provide green options for your air conditioner with Energy Star certified services. With the 25step checklist, we guarantee a smooth and efficient system maintenance for indoor and outdoor units.

Why get maintenance on the unit?

Preforming a regular maintenance on your unit will help to ensure longevity and low operation cost for your air conditioning system.

Maintaining your equipment will help prevent future problems and unwanted costs. Keep your cooling and heating system at peak performance during peak seasons.

What is included on our maintenance package.?


1.Check the unit for proper refrigerant level
2.In the inside cabinet clean dirt, leaves and debris
3.Check the base pan for any restricted drain openings.
4.Check and clean the coil and cabinet
5.Check the systems fans and motor, and lubricate as needed.
6.Check the control box, and all accessories including the wiring for wear and tear.
7.Check the compressor and the tubing for damage and wear.



1.Perform Air Quality Test
2.Check and clean the motor assembly.
3.On older models, lubricate the motor and check the fan.
4.Clean the combustion blower.
5.Check and clean the evaporator coil, drain pan and condensate drain lines.
6.Check for gas leaks in gas furnaces.
7.Check and clean the burner assembly.
8.Check and clean the ignition system and safety controls.
9.Check heat exchanger.
10.Check the flue system.
11.Check the control box and its components.(Including wiring, and accessories)
12.Replace or clean the air filters.
13.Check the air duct systems for leaks.
14.Monitor the system capabilities and start-up.
15.Inspect abnormal noises.
16.Inspect any unusual odors.
17.Check and evaluate air conditioning and heat pump systems for correct refrigerant charge.
18.Check the temperature of the outdoor dry bulb.
19.Check the temperature of the indoor dry and wet bulb.
20.Check the systems high and low pressure
21.Evaluate the gas furnace for the proper line and manifold gas pressures.
22.Check the rise in temperatures and adjust the airflow.
23.Check the vent system.
24.Evaluate the system for the correct lines and volts/amps.
25.Evaluate system according to manufacturer specifications.
26.Provide a system report and recommend repairs/replacements if needed.


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